Many counties in Arkansas, and sometimes different divisions (Judges) within a county, have various Suggested Visitation Policies.  As many people with older Decrees are still adhering to the older policies, we’ve made an attempt to provide a link to all known visitation policies for Washington, Benton, Madison and Carroll Counties.

Washington County Schedules, newest to oldest:

Washington County Visitation 2016

Washington County Visitation 2015

Washington County visitation 2011

Washington County visitation 2008

Washington County visitation 2002

Washington County visitation Pre 6-5-02

Washington County Division 3 for children under 4 Division 3

Washington County Division 3


I have prepared a Visitation Calendar for 2018 using Fayetteville School District holiday schedule to help parents understand how the holidays and weekends work together.  Given the age of your child(ren), you might put this in a prominent place (refrigerator front) for your child to know when they are going to be with what parent.

Fayetteville Visitation Calendar 2018


Madison County

Shares Judges with Washington County so same policies

Benton County Visitation policies, newest to ol

Benton County Visitation 2016

Benton County Visitation 12-31-15

Benton County Visitation 6-4-15

Parenting Plan Judge Smith Benton County


Carroll County

Carroll County Visitation 2-10-15





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