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There is a lot of information to know about Arkansas Laws. How do you keep up to date on recent rulings and amendments made by the courts? Do you know if you have fair child custody visitation privileges? How do you know what are your legal rights as a defendant in a criminal law case?

We offer this page with the most current litigation for child custody guidelines, child support payments, visitation schedules, mediation access and other subjects dealing with family law, mediation and criminal law.

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Suggested Noncustodial Parent Visitation Schedules for Washington and Benton Counties as prepared by the Circuit Courts.

Family Law Resources

Definition of Income – Child Support Guidelines

Child Support Chart for all Pay Periods

Mediation Resources

More About Mediation for Access, Visitation & Custody of Children

Access to Visitation Mediation Program Overview : The purpose of this statewide program is to support and facilitate noncustodial parents access to and visitation with their children.

See if you Qualify for Access and Visitation Mediation Program


Arkansas Judiciary : Arkansas Courts Website with Administrative Forms, Court Rules, Newsletters & Publications, Directories