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Apps for Split Homes $9.99 per month based on an annual payment. 14 day trial period. My Family Wizard $99.99 per parent per year. Scholarships for low income families and military parents. Available on the ios app store. $3.00    





  It’s the holidays!!!  What? You’re sad because you either (a) overspent on gifts and maxed out your credit or (b) couldn’t buy gifts because your monthly payments on credit cards and the like eat up your budget?  Well, let’s start off your New Year on the right track.  We Americans are major consumers and […]

Co-Mediation Now Offered at Canova Law & Mediations

We have begun offering and using co-mediation as an oftentimes quicker, less expensive and more productive 1 on 1 approach to mediation.  Our co-mediators work in concert during a mediation to help each party feel that they are being heard and understood and that their needs and ideas are being thoughtfully explored.  Thus far, our […]

Child Support for Income that Exceeds Child Support Chart

Pursuant to Administrative Order No. 10, to calculate child support for payors whose net income (as defined by Administrative Order No. 10) exceeds the Family Support Chart, you first take the maximum amount from the Family Support Chart and then multiply the appropriate percentage of the amount over and above the child support by 15% […]