Child Support in Arkansas is controlled by Administrative Order No. 10. Contained in this Order are child support charts based on different pay periods.


Monthly Income Chart (12 pay periods per year)

Semi-Monthly Income Chart (26 pay periods per year)

Bi-Weekly Income Chart (24 pay periods per year)

Weekly Income Chart (52 pay periods per year)


To determine what your “net income” is for purposes of setting child support, a payor of child support is required to complete an Affidavit of Financial Means.

“Bonus Income” is treated differently than regular income. In 2011 an Amendment to Administrative Order No. 10 clarifies how this income is to be treated as it relates to the child support.

Administrative Order No. 10 can help you answer questions related to child support, such as:

How is child support calculated if I am self-employed? 

Does my Social Security Disability Benefit (child’s portion) count toward my child support obligations?


Lastly, it is important to know when child support terminates. A.C.A. 9-14-237 sets out the criteria for the termination of a child support obligation.

Legal Aid of Arkansas has created a packet to help a payor of child support complete the necessary documentation to terminate child support obligation after the conditions for automatic termination have been met.